Chair massages aren’t just for malls and festivals. Though we’re able to do those, we’ve been focusing our efforts on corporate massage this year. 

Workplaces — especially offices — are often where muscle pains begin, whether it’s from stress or from bad posture and chronic holding patterns. 

Some examples of muscular issues that can start in an office are carpel tunnel in your arms, or thoracic outlet syndrome in your neck and upper back. These problems are typically suffered by those who sit in the same position at a desk in their office all day — an example of what we call “chronic holding patterns.” If an employee of yours develops one of these problems, it’s possible they’ll need to take time off, which can hold them and your company back from reaching full potential. 

Another reason to invite one of our therapists in for chair massages is to prevent injury in workplaces that involve a high level of activity and heavy lifting. Keeping one’s muscles stretched (which is essentially what happens in massage) will increase one’s range of mobility, and in turn decrease chances of pulling or tearing muscle tissue.

Whatever the reason is, inviting a massage therapist in once a week can be an investment in your company as it improves workplace energy and morale, giving your employees another reason to go to work that day, decreasing their mental and physical stress and improving their overall performance.

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